Baby Nurse USA is a division of Nanny's USA ,  Housekeepers USA, Elder Care In Your Home, Concierge In A Box and in partnership with  American Nanny and Parenting Institute for training of our Infant Nannies and servicing all of New York, Long Island, New Jersey and Connecticut, California, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, as well as Dutchess County, Rockland County, Putnam County, Orange and Westchester Counties. We are recognized, within the In-home Childcare industry, for our signature services of expertly qualified Infant Nannies Formerly known as (Baby Nurses) 

Since no two babies are alike, we specifically match first-time, second- or third-time (and so on) parents with professionally trained Infant Nannies  aka Baby Nurse who possess the best skill-sets to gently guide the children in their charge towards a feeding and sleeping schedule, and to educate the parents along these lines. This provides much-needed nightly sleep and comfort for the parents, following the Infant Nanny departure.

Baby Nurse USA has partnered with the first and only recognized Parenting & Early Childhood  School that specifically train individuals as professional and skilled Infant Nannies formerly known as (Baby Nurses), whether they have experience prior to registering with us. Our training partnership is accredited and meets The National Academy of Early Childhood Programs; utilizing state-of-the-art up to date training and modern and approved techniques. 

In addition to our highly skilled Infant Nannies, they hold Professional  liability insurance unlike many other services or agencies. Whether you are expecting a single newborn, twins, triplets or quadruplets, out Infant Nannies has the confidence and expertise to do a job well done.

 Why Choose US:

No deposits/no Registration fees upfront

Exclusive Infant Nannies aka Baby Nurse that repeatedly works through us

Get to meet with Infant Nanny aka Baby Nurse in advance (to ensure great personality fit)

All have certification as Infant Nanny aka Baby Nurse

Infant Nanny support mother and other children  in home

All legally authorize to work in the U.S.

Entitles parents to use their flexible spending through their employer for this service

Duties and Responsibilities:

Many of our Infant Nannies will help assist with lactation; with guiding the newborn(s) towards a sleep schedule so families may get the comfort and sleep they need; with sterilization and bottle preparation; with umbilical care; with diapering and circumcision care; and with approved and up to date swaddling, burping, sponge and tub bathing.

Many of our Infant Nannies are trained in Prenatal and Postnatal Infant Massage; sleep training,   are certified Lamaze Instructors and are certified CPR-trained. Additionally, unlike others sent out from other agencies, our Infant Nannies can assist and educate mom prior to the birth of her newborn(s).

In order to provide professional excellence to newborn(s)--again unlike other Agencies--we only suggest 24-hour Live-in care if Infant Nanny obtains some sleep or is on a 24-hour split shift.  We highly recommend 10-12 hour shifts.  Infant Nannies will usually stay with a family for a minimum of two weeks and for up to a 6-month period.


Getting Started/the Process:

We suggest that you reserve your Infant Nanny at least two to three months in advance. The process is a simple one and is as follows: 

  1. You are required to complete a Questionnaire and Employer and Agency Agreement, which do not consist of a deposit or registration fee of any kind. 
  2. Upon completion and receipt of these documents by our personnel, we will line up candidates for you to interview in person.
  3. Once  Infant Nanny has accepted the position, she is reserved for your family.  
  4. The Agency fees will be due at that time; however should you hire a Nanny through our service following your Infant Nanny, as a special thank you, we will provide a 15% discount should you decide to hire  a Nanny  through our service as well. No upfront registration, deposit or application fee is required. Contact us  for Infant Nanny rates.



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